Wood cladding of walls cost estimation

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7m x 9m house = 8m x 10m exterior.
Approx 2.4 metre high rooms
Approx height of the roof at the apex with 33% incline will be 1.23 metres

So total surface area of 7m x 9m Greb house (internal) with Truss Roof is

2 x 38.4m sq+
2 x 48m sq+
2 x 4.92m sq
= 76.8 + 96 + 9.84 = 182.64 m sq

chausson bardage

19.90 Euro/ m sq = 3,643 euro (whole house)

leyroy merlin

11.90 Euro/ m sq = 2,193 euro (whole house)

leyroy merlin

12.90 Euro/ m sq = 2,356 (whole house)