Choosing the Right Type of Foundation

Slab vs. vide sanitaire? Discussion here along with info on how to layer with the moisture barrier and insulation.

Some other useful articles here:

Tips from these pages:

  • Dig out the earth and then pack it tightly before pouring any concrete.
  • You can – if you’re crazy enough – do this without using any rebar (as if!)
  • You can literally make it up as you go along. These guys used rockwool under the slab and EPS under the footings. How does that not compress when under concrete and with the weight of the house on it. 
  • It IS important to use a Radon/vapour barrier before pour cement.
  • Remember to put the rebar over the vapour barrier!
  • Polished concrete is a good idea – but who is capable of doing this here in France?

Questions for Stan


  • Which is best? Slab on grade or vide santaire?
  • What’s the best way to insulate slab on grade?
  • How do we ensure the slab of concrete is level? 
  • If we decide to use form boards instead of breeze blocks, how do we make sure the blocks are level?

Foundation types and construction

Information on types of foundation & construction

3 main types of foundation

Slabe on grade videos

Stego wrap featured in this video is $454.50 per roll. A roll is 14ft  x 210ft. This is 4.26m x 64m. So for a 7m x 9m home 1 roll would do it.

Appears to be what I’m after, but why not fill with stones to lower cement costs?

Insulated slab

Insulating beneath a concrete slab

Leyroy Merlin information on foundations

Good how to foundation link