Find out about Seismic Risk

In France, there is a useful database that you can search to find out about the level of seismic risk for your commune.

First choose your region(click the map or select from the list) and then drill down to find your commune.

This is the info that comes up for our commune:

There are some FAQs on and also a bunch of other info there related to construction – though of course no detail!

There is some more general info about seismic and other environmental risks on this

The plate washer/ straps (seismic regions)

” The plate washer must be a minimum 3 x 3 x 0.229 inches (3 gauge) and extend to within ½-inch of the sheathed edge of the sill plate.”

Further information of strapping the wood frame to the foundation can be found here:

Information about straps

Seismic concrete to wood

Anchor bolts general