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I am planning a GREB house and considering how do to the foundations. I am interested in the method you chose and also the products you used. What is the make of the polystyrene blocks? I have tried to find them using the internet but no luck. Do you find the floor is well insulated?

Foundation types and construction

Information on types of foundation & construction

3 main types of foundation

Slabe on grade videos

Stego wrap featured in this video is $454.50 per roll. A roll is 14ft  x 210ft. This is 4.26m x 64m. So for a 7m x 9m home 1 roll would do it.

Appears to be what I’m after, but why not fill with stones to lower cement costs?

Insulated slab

Insulating beneath a concrete slab

Leyroy Merlin information on foundations

Good how to foundation link