Branchement: Connecting Services to the Land

This week we’re expecting SAUR to turn up and connect assainissement to the land at the same time as the Mairie staff connect the water.

While that’s going on we’ve been advised to also get our electricity and phone pipes down, so we’ve picked up the gaines that we need and are busing working out where to put them and also what we need to do in order to bury them to the regulations.

There’s some useful info on Leroy Merlin with respect to depths and distances. It’s common sense really, that you’d put dirty water below clean and electricity above water. Reassuring!

There’s also a useful image showing how to layer the contents of the trench around the pipe.

able = sand
terre de remblai = backfill soil

RT2012 Recommended Boilers (Thermo Dynamic)

For RT2012 one of the ways around having to have expensive solar solutions is to fit a thermodynamic boiler.

This one on Mano Mano is 1.5k euros and may be what we need. 

According to one green energy site they reduce the annual cost of heating water from 350 to 80 euros for a 4-person house.

This comes on the list under ventilation…

This might be one?
2035 euro

How thermodynamic water heaters work

A Simple Woodburner or a Boiler Stove?

Someone in a self-build group suggested a boiler stove instead of just a burner requiring separate water heating. The oone they linked to had a heat output of 2kW with 8kW going to the water. That seems low given we’ve been told we need a 10kW stove for m2.

Cost wise they’re not much difference though. Something to consider?

This one, the Stratford EBW12, has a total output for 24kW, of which 6kW goes into the room and 11.8kW into the water.

It has a direct air supply (required by RT2012).


Stratford EBW12 wood boiler stove

Trying to find out why you’d choose a water heating stove and the Centre for Alternative Technology have an article suggesting that it’s not worth it unless you have a super-duper stove such as the Broseley eVolution 26 boiler. With this you get 10kW for heating and 15.8kW for hot water heating. I can’t find a price for it though!

Reaching Out

I got a message back from someone else about an hours drive away building a GREB house with a similar budget to us. They have a new baby so are pretty busy right now but are happy to be in touch so I will email him back asap.

He recommended getting in touch with the free architect, CAUE, and also with Ariege Conseil Energies Renouvenables ( I’ve seen that site before and now I have a recommendation I’ll follow up with them. I’d sent an email to the CAUE in Carca back on 10/10 so have sent a chaser message to them.