Connecting the Leccy (Going Round in Circles!)

First, create an account with ENEDIS.


Send an email requesting a connection.


Receive an email telling me to choose a supplier:

STOP. Now what? I sense this is not the same process as for setting up a connection to a new build but as with so many administrative tasks here in France it’s rarely a case of finding the info you need and then acting on it. Even with the language barrier there is a culture of created complexity!!

Here’s a brochure from the Enedis containing info that turns out to actually be relevant to connecting a new build house to the electricity network.

There are two connection types: one; where the property is within 30m of the network, and the second type, where the property is more than 30m away. We’re in the second situation.

Also this, with the relevant contacts by department, for new connections.

It all seems very complicated qnd will no doubt also be very expensive. We may end up offgrid yet!

Sweet Home 3d object dimensions

Dimensions of objects for Sweet Home 3d planning

Interior wall thickness (0.12m)
Our bed (as it is with the kids – 2 singles joined) 2m (d) x 1.9m (w) 
Single bed 1.9m (d) x 0.9m (w)
Chest freezer 0.76m (d) x 1.53m (w)
Washing machine 0.6m (d) x 0.6m (w)
Cooker 0.64m (d) x 60m (w)
Boiler 0.5m diameter
Fridge Freezer 0.66m (d) x 0.6m (w)
Sofa (3 seater from IKEA) 0.98 (d) x 2.41m (width)
Bath 0.7m (d) x 1.7m (w)
Stairs 0.8m wide
Class A flue pipe 0.21m diameter

Floor Plans

We have a 7×9 floor plan which works but we want to find an alternative that means the flue from the stove can come up through the middle of the house. Here’s one I came up with this morning. Exact dimensions need some work but this is the general idea.

All the pics were drawn on the iPad using Keyplan Lite.

Ground Floor Plan
Ground Floor 3D Layout
First Floor Plan
First Floor – 3D Layout